The Network

One of the aims of this project is to create a network of specialists that work on the topic at hand to facilitate exchange of knowledge and expertise. Interaction is enabled in the form of regularly organised workshops and an expert blog function, which will be added to this platform in the near future. The programmes of past workshops, as well as future events, will also be published here as they are held.

Comparative Colonisation conference - Online, 16-17 December 2021

The first major step in establishing a network of scholars on ancient colonisation took place on the 16th and 17th of December 2021. In this online conference, which was co-organised with the Netherlands Institute in Athens, scholars from across the globe explored the problems and possible solutions of colonisation research, engaging in fruitful discussions with each other and a group of students of the University of Groningen. These students each in turn wrote a blog on one of the speakers. These blogs can be accessed on this website, either through the navigation bar or by clicking here. For the full program of this conference, click here.

Participants: Gabriel Zuchtriegel, Gianluca Tagliamonte, Wouter Henkelman, Ed Bispham, Peter van Dommelen, Thomas J. Figueira, Nathan L. Pilkington, Jeremia Pelgrom, Irad Malkin, Manuela Mari, Manolis Pagkalos, Anita Casarotto, Tesse Stek, Peter Attema, José Luis López Castro and Nicola Terrenato.

Workshop Anchoring Ancient Colonisation - Groningen, 1-2 December 2022

The next big step was taken on the first and second of December 2022 with the Workshop Anchoring Ancient Colonisation at the University of Groningen (which was co-organised with Marleen Termeer from the Radboud University Nijmegen), funded by the Oikos - Anchoring Innovation project, the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome and the CRASIS research institute. Having identified problems, pitfalls, and possible solutions and hypotheses during the 2021 conference, scholars from the fields of history, archaeology, religious studies, and other presented new and innovative research on ancient colonisation in a broad, comparative perspective, also presenting papers on Archaic, Late Republican and Imperial forms of colonisation. For the full program of this conference click here.

Participants: Eelco Glas, Tymon de Haas, Anita Cassarotto, Tesse Stek, Jan Paul Crielaard, Emily Hurt, Elon Heymans, Evan Jewell, Daniel J. Martín-Arroyo Sánchez, Marion Bolder-Boos, Xenia Charalambidou, Anouk Vermeulen, Manual A. González, Brian Garnand, Lou Godefroy, Saskia Roselaar, Dies van der Linde, Michele Valandro, Martina C. Parini, Taariq A. Sheik, Marleen Termeer,  and Jeremia Pelgrom.

Lecture and workshop Comparative Colonisation - Nijmegen, 16 June 2023